Cousin caught masterdating

I am a single father, and need some direction with this matter.

I have already aknowledged with her that I know what's going on. She seems a bit young to be doing this stuff, let me know what you think, Thanks!

I wouldn't mind being her kissing cousin if her pussy was part of the kissing.

oh wow my cock is so hard with pre-cum oozing down the shaft from her beauty.

The unidentified man was caught on one family's surveillance cameras climbing up a tree outside their home in Plainfield, just outside Indianapolis, to stare at a 13-year-old girl while he masturbated.She has a particular stuffed animal that she is using to apparently rub on herself.I have caught her, accidently a few times with this stuffed animal between her legs in a " missionary " position, or rolling around with the bunny between her legs.She sometimes comes out of her room, or from the TV room all sweaty, announcing that she is hot & sweaty. I have confronted her with her antics, and told her this was a private thing, and she she should not be doing this in the TV room, or discussing this with her friends.Is it OK for me to acknowledge with her that I know what's going on ?

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