Cousin caught masterdating

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She has such a gorgeous pussy, love her pussy lips wrapped against my face as my tongue flicks her clit. I love also love watching girls play with there pussy and see what it take to make a women cum.

It is certainly OK to bring this up with your daughter, though I worry a bit about your using the phrase "what is going on" and the word "antics".

These indicate that you might be conveying a tone of wrongdoing or illicitness in relation to the activity, so be careful about that.

The single fact of a child of seven engaging in masturbation is not, in itsef, a cause for worry.

However, the frquency of your daughter's behavior is perhaps indicative of a problem and is deserving of some professional evaluation. If everything appears OK from a medical perspective, follow up with an evaluation by a pediatric mental health or behavioral health clinician.

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